Aluminum Forms

We use very high strength aluminum alloy for manufacturing the aluminum forms & we take pride in our craftsmanship for manufacturing quality, handcrafted and hand-welded forms. The panels are manufactured within a factory to very high specifications and tolerances. Once assembled they are subjected to a trial erection in order to eliminate any dimensional or on site problems.

When you choose Ishaan Aluminum Forms, you are investing in the highest quality, most durable concrete forms in the market today. Our quality control extends beyond the manufacturing plant, with constant evaluation of our products, regular communication with contractors, builders and distributors, we manufacture concrete forms designed to meet your needs.

Another benefit that is extremely important for you to keep in mind when choosing your concrete form manufacturer, is bracing construction. You need to avoid weight gain through concrete accumulation under the horizontal brace. Concrete accumulation can occur when there is an open hat section on theconcrete form. Weight gain will shorten your concrete form usage and can increase the likelihood of back injuries. By enclosing the hat section, we ensure no accumulation of concrete, subsequently, no weight gain on the concrete form.

Why to use Ishaan Aluminum Forms?
Inset Face Sheet
  • Prevents damage and wear to face sheet edges.
  • Superior weld penetration achieved by placing weld near the edge of the face sheet.
  • Increases overall strength and life of panel without leaving unsightly seams.
  • Corner gussets added to strengthen corners.
  • "Boxed" design makes it impossible for concrete to enter and accumulate inside brace.
  • Ends are welded on sides and tops to strengthen the form and ensure concrete cannot enter brace.
Siderail / Endrail
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum alloy extends life of panel.
  • Dual contact for ease of alignment.
  • Notch for inset face sheet strengthens panel.
  • Thicker than the best available in the market today.
  • Continuous weld around concrete form, including over top of bracing.
  • Hand welded along entire perimeter to ensure consistency and quality.
  • Certified Quality Control Program.
  • Welding wire used is of the highest quality available, which is a least 3 times stronger than most competitors.
Aluminum pannels of various shapes, sizes and refurbished panels
Benefits of using Ishaan Aluminum Forms
  • Greater strength and durability
  • Increased versatility
  • Accommodating for high walls and odd-shaped projects
  • Cost efficient
  • 30-50% faster setup
  • Usable in extreme weather and temperature conditions
  • Light weight and easier to use
  • Consistently smoother walls