We manufacture and supply all the accessories required for Aluminum Formwork System.

Pins & Wedges

The pin and wedge system is simple and fast, allowing unskilled labor to be quickly trained in the use of the equipment. Standard pins and wedges increase efficiency in any application


Our round taper pin have a milled wedge slot.The shank is designed to eliminate pin sag and improve ease of stripping.Pins are made from steel and are heat treated for long life.


Wedges are used with pin to tighten the adjoining concrete forms, securing the tie and concrete forms in place.

Wall Ties

Ishaan wall ties are manufactured to meet the requirements of today's various pouring methods. They are made of cold rolled steel. We continually perform quality control testing to ensure that all of our ties yield a minimum pull strength of 7,200#.

Internal Corners

Highquality, heavyduty, corner forms are available in variation to suit the project requirments

External Corners

External corner are used to connect pannels at 90° from outside