Aluminum Fabricator

Since more than 50 years we are in the business of fabrication and in these years we have dealt with various intricate and complex jobs related to Aluminum Fabrication.

Welding forms a critical part of any fabrication process, it becomes more critical when the welding is to be done on a heat sensitive metal like Aluminum.

When we are using a very high strength Aluminum alloy as the one used by us at SWW for manufacturing aluminum products, we have to be very careful in selecting the filler wire for welding and correct method of welding. Our years of experience in the field of Aluminum & allied fabrication has given us the right knowledge to use correct filler wire and employ correct method of welding for welding of particular alloys.

We take pride in stating that at SWW we use the best available and the most suitable filler wire for the welding of Aluminum products which imparts it the strength to withstand the high wear and tear that takes place on the construction site.